End-User Training

User training is a core and crucial component of lab equipment supply to ensure all supplied equipment are utilized to their maximum potential. With Nirvana technologies, user training is always included in the scope of our equipment supply and is executed in various ways;

User training at manufacturer training facilities

This is essential when setting up complete labs. We fully sponsor departmental representatives to travel to the manufacturer’s own training facilities to undergo familiarization training on equipment purchased once they have been manufactured. This usually takes a week or two, after which on-site training is also conducted upon delivery for equipment at the client site.

- On-site user training

This involves component Nirvana and our manufacturers’ technicians training the end-users on the use, experiment capabilities and maintenance of supplied equipment. Thus training is critical and is always included in the scope of delivery of our equipment.

- End-user retraining

We also provide retraining services on supplied equipment for our clients. This is crucial when the institution acquires new staff members who need to handle the lab equipment or just refresher courses for existing staff members. Retraining can be conducted both on-site and off-sit at manufacturer training facilities.