Consultancy On Lab Design

For institutions setting up new training laboratories or upgrading existing ones, Nirvana in consultation with the concerned faculty members will design and propose full labs based on course curriculum at no charge. Our lab designs cover the physical layout of the labs, the required amenities to support proposed equipment and the lab equipment themselves.

Our lab designs cover all levels of study from diploma level all the way to researched based Masters and PhD level. We design according to the current level of study offered by the institution while allowing for easy and modular lab upgrades to support higher levels of study that might be offered in the future.


We are aware that the establishment of engineering labs is a capital intensive investment and we understand that most institutions have to work within limited budgets. In these cases, we also propose a modular approach to lab setup where we recommend the core fundamental equipment to begin with, and gradually build up on these as budget allows to finally achieve a full ultra-modern lab.