Welcome To Nirvana Technologies

Who We Are

Nirvana Technologies Enterprises Limited is a professional service organization founded in Kenya in 2010. It is an umbrella corporation for several business ventures in the technology business verticals; core among them, the supply of Technical Educational Training Systems

Being 100% owned and managed by a dedicated team of young professionals with backgrounds in various engineering disciplines, we understand both strengths and challenges facing engineering training in Kenya. Indeed, Nirvana was founded on the premise of offering solutions to these challenges in a bid to support the growth of technical education in Kenya; the cornerstone in achieving Kenya’s industrialization and Economic goals.

Technical Training Equipment
E-Classroom & Smart Office Solutions
Solar and Green Energy Solutions

One of the core problems that has always faced the engineering education sector has been, the lack of modern training equipment required to pass critical hands-on skills to the engineering trainee. This results in emphasis on theoretical training rather than practical training, ultimately producing engineering graduates who are termed ‘half-baked’ by the industry due to their lack of practical skills, which is what is required in the real world engineering work environment.

In an effort to address this problem, Nirvana has forged partnerships with the world’s leading researchers and training system manufactures to provide state of the art training equipment to the Kenyan market.