EasyLobby SVM Hardware

EasyLobby SVM Hardware


EasyLobby SVM supports many of the most popular peripherals used to automatically capture visitor information and print high quality, professional-looking badges.

i.)The ScanShell 1000

scanshellThis is a combination Passport/License/Card Scanner, which performs OCR on passports, licenses or business cards and captures the photo/image and data, and automatically fills in the SVM visitor form.



ii.)The SnapShell Scanner

snapshellThis is an easy to use Driver License/ID Card image scanning system, which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the front of any license and capture the person’s data and photo automatically. The OCR engine extracts the appropriate information from the license and places that


iii.)CardScan Business Card Scanner

cardscanThis device is a business card scanner (no licenses).   It uses OCR to scan all of the data on a typical business card and automatically populates the relevant fields in the SVM visitor form.




iv.)DYMO Thermal (Black & White) Printer

dymaDYMO Corporation is a leading manufacturer of specialty printers, software and supplies for printing labels, bar codes, receipts, and identification badges.

Provides black & white badge printing functionality.  This thermal printer does not require any ink; only rolls of adhesive, non-adhesive, or self-expiring badge stock



v.)Logitech QuickCam Camera

logitech_quickcamThis camera features motorized pan and tilt for intelligent face tracking, plus a true 1.3 megapixel image sensor for high quality pictures and video-even in low-light situations. Vital for taking current photos of visitors, lost and found objects, company assets, packages etc, all of which are tracked using the SVM application



vi.)Topaz Signature Capture Pad

topazSVM has integrated the Topaz line of signature capture devices to enable the electronic recording of the visitor signaturs as part of the visitor record.



vii.)Metrologic Barcode Scanner

metrologicThis barcode reader is easy to use and can save time in a busy facility for quick visitor check-out and check-in. This barcode reader can also be used with multi-day badges for contractors, consultants or conference attendees to check them in and out each day they are onsite, without having to re-issue them a badge each day.

viii.)M2SYS Biometric Fingerprint Reader

m2sysThis is a revolutionary, ergonomic fingerprint reader that ensures a consistent image quality, even in high throughput environments. The ergonomic design of this fingerprint scanner ensures that a high quality image is captured with each scan. The hard, quartz-like sensor surface assures that this fingerprint reader will stand the test of time, even in high throughput settings.

The sensor of the M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader does not have a membrane, and therefore will not degrade or erode with frequent fingerprint scanning.

ix.)RFIdeas PCProx Card Reader

rfideasRF Ideas' pcProx Reader(data sheet) is compatible with over 300 million physical access proximity cards.

This reader allows users to use their building access card for other forms of identification and security throughout their workplace. The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory, allowing the user to quickly configure the output to meet the user’s needs.

x.)Color Inkjet Printers

inkjetSVM software supports printing to any full-size color inkjet printer for customers that prefer color badges.  This allows you to color code your badges by Visitor Category or any other parameter.  Plus logos and photos will look great as well.

xi.)Badge Stock

dymaSVM software supports printing both black & white as well as full color visitor badges.  The system also supports printing thermal, paper and hard card badges.

Options include:

Black & White Thermal - DYMO
  • Adhesive badges (come on a roll of 300)
  • Non-adhesive badges (come with a hole pre-punched, on a roll of 250)
  • Self-expiring badges (these bleed through a red stop sign after 12 hours, can be adhesive or non-adhesive, and come on a roll of 250).  Note that this is a two-part system:  print the badge, then apply a white sticker to cover the stop sign and start the bleed through process.
Color - Any Color Inkjet Printer
  • Adhesive badges (box of 500)
  • Self-laminating badges (box of 100)
  • Fold & Clip badges (2-sided with hole pre-punched, box of 500)
  • Removable labels for access cards (box of 500, with or without hole pre-punched)

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